The M6000 is Adaptronic's top of the line ecu model. This unit can be expanded with internal modules to fit 99 percent of gasoline engine applications including those in powersports that need a water proof ecu. Quad VVTI, Quad DBW throttle bodies, 24 injectors( sequentially, or multiple levels of staging), 24 spark plugs( sequential or split) are all supported with this unit. 

Advanced Features

  • Advanced Fuel Film Model 
  • Built in Oscilloscope
  • 32MB internal logging
  • 2x CAN channels 
  • 2x 4 Bar Internal Map Sensors
  • Internal module expansion
  • Accelerometer/Gryo Meter
  • Extremely fast processor speed
  • Headphone jack for real time knock listening

The M6000 has 2 Large Module expansions slots for:

  • big output module (e.g. using 2 extra output module + the basic one will give you 24/24)
  • big input module


Additional available are 4 Small Module expansion slots for;

  • DBW / e-throttle controller
  • Mini Output Board (6 x push-pull aux)
  • Mini Analogue Input Board (4 x analogue inputs)
  • Mini Real-Time Input (6 x inputs)- So you can do another 2 x CAS (giving 5 total), 3 x VSS (giving 4 total), 1 x flex
  • Lambda Controller
  • EGT Inputs

Technical hardware specs;
2X 32B 120MHZ processors; 1 per control board, and 1 per big output module( each additional optional module has its own 32MB 120MHZ processor, so processor speeds never slow down with expansion)

On average the new Modular units are 2 to 3x faster than its current competitors latest offerings( before any additional modules, M6000 fully loaded is 3x faster than the fastest aftermarket ecu we are are of at a total of 8 32MB 120mhz processors)
IP67 rated water proof connection with (2) 34 & (2) 26 pin super seal waterproof wiring connectors. One can upgrade from the M2000 with no additional wiring changes. 

Currently the long harness is only a flying lead M2000 harness( 2 connectors, + 2 sets of pins/connectors for the additional ecu ports).