Adaptronic Modular Wideband Hard Pack

LSU 4.9 wideband sensor, terminated harness, and weld on sensr bung for Adaptronic Modular ecus. 


The Wideband Hardware Pack contains a pre-terminated 1.2m flying lead harness with a Bosch style 6 pin LSU 4.9 connector on one end. This harness must be installed correctly.

WARNING: Incorrect installation of this Wideband Hardware Pack will damage your ECU.

Follow the steps below and outlined in Modular ECU Board Product Insert document to correctly install your Wideband Harness.

Note: This harness is pre-terminated with pins for use with an AMP Superseal connector. If a modular plug-in ECU is being used, the pre-terminated pins must be cut off and the harness must be terminated using the OEM ECU pins.