Adaptronic PNP Mazda Cosmo ECU

This package consists of an Adaptronic M6000 ( we have discontinued the previous m2000 option as of 9/8/2020) modular ecu + a plug and play patch harness that we have developed here at TurboSource. This patch harness is designed to plug directly into an M2000 ecu, and communicate with the OEM ECU + OEM wiring harness. The OEM ECU is left in place to control the factory automatic transmission only. All of the OEM functions works properly on a 20B 3 rotor with this package, including the OEM twins, and actuated catback system. 

We have confirmed this unit also works for the 2 rotor 13BRE variant. 

 A base map is included with the purchase that we can setup for your specific needs.

This unit does support direct fire if you want to upgrade all of your coils. It also supports the changing of the crank trigger to FFE wheels, REW OEM trigger/front cover. You can change any sensor you want on the car, ( air temp, water temp, TPS etc). 

Sequential OEM twin turbo control requires the optional output module.