Adaptronic Modular 2JZ-GTE 6 Speed Supra ECU Powered By M2000


Adaptronic does not currently have a full PnP ECU for the 2JZ-GTE Supra so we at TurboSource have developed a PnP jumper harness that interfaces with either the M2000 or the M6000 Adaptronic Modular ECU's. 

We designed the jumper harness so that if you wanted to you can pin your OEM harness to add additional I/O to the OEM harness or if you just wanted to cut the jumper harness and add your own additional connectors you can do so.

Adaptronic released the Modular line in 2017 which brought the Adaptronic products up to or better then what the current market offers in engine management solutions. 

The M2000 and M6000 are essentially exactly the same but the M6000 has the ability to add more module upgrades then the M2000. Both of the units come with one control board and one large output board. The M2000 only has one small module slot and the M6000 has four small module slots and two extra large output modules. 

The way Adaptronic handles the Modules is very impressive due to each module having its own 120mhz processor so as you add more I/O it does not slow down your ECU. 

The M2000 uses 2 superseal connectors which total 60 I/O. 

The M6000 uses 4 superseal connectors which total 120 I/O. 

The pin configuration between the M2000 and M6000 are exactly the same for the first two super seal connectors which make it easy to upgrade from the M2000 to M6000 without doing any wiring changes. 

A simple breakdown will help you determine if you need the M2000 or M6000:

  • A standard 2JZ-GTE setup will use the M2000 with no additional modules needed.
  • A 2JZ-GTE setup with DBW will use the M2000 with the DBW Module.
  • A 2JZ-GTE setup with Four Wheel Traction control will use the M2000 with the Real-Time Monitor Module.
  • A 2JZ-GTE setup that requires more then one small module or more then 6 total injectors the M6000 would be needed.

Both the M2000 and M6000 have Flex-Fuel ability with no additional modules.

Both the M2000 and M6000 have direct inputs for fuel and oil pressure sensors with no addition modules. 

Adaptronic has done in-depth testing on injectors to provide the best injector data for the Adaptronic Modular ECU's this will provide the best control for tuning the fuel for your engine. If you have an injector that you like to use and it is not listed in the software we can arrange for those injectors to be characterized by Andy at Adaptronic. 

For additional information on the Adaptronic Modular ECU Andy the owner of Adaptronic has done a large amount of video's that go over the Modular line: