Adaptronic Series 1 Rx8 PnP Fuel Pressure Sensor 0-150 PSI


This Sensor plugs directly into the OEM baro sensor location. Adaptronic Modular ECU allows you to reconfigure this input location to reach fuel pressure. This is the easiest way to integrate fuel pressure into your Mazda Rx8 PnP ECU. 

Adaptronic recommends a fuel pressure sensor for every single ecu installation - this is because fuel pressure is a key aspect in the fuel model and simple nominal fuel pressure will never be as accurate as the actual fuel pressure reading from a sensor. 

This sensor can also be used for oil pressure. 

To configure for fuel pressure inside Adaptronic Modular ecus;

Go to output tab, then select fuel pressure modelling to measured. Secondly go to inputs, liquid pressure sensors then click 0.5V to 4.5V( 150 PSIg). Source should be channel 4 ( EMAP-EXT) for Rx8 modular.