M1200 - Up to 4 Cylinder / 2-Rotor Engines Max


The Adaptronic M1200 is the new replacement for the E420D select ecu. This universal wire in ecu is designed for 4 cylinder & 2 rotor engines using the latest technology from the new Modular ECU lineup. It is designed in a way to match the price point of the e420d which was very popular. The M1200 uses the same ecu connect as the E420D, and same pinout. If desired one can upgrade from the E420D/E440D without any wiring changes. 

The M1200 is now considered the entry level Adaptronic model. What exactly does one gain moving from an E420D to an M1200? The M1200 uses the new fueling model found in the modular ecus, one no longer needs an external signal conditioner like the SSI for fuel & oil pressure inputs, built in 32MB logging, 10x faster CPU processor, built in scope, 2 more total outputs, flex fuel control, adaptive tuning, asynchronous knock control, CAN output, engine simulator, accelerometer, arbitrary logic( not finished), etc. Flex fuel control is also now standard. 

This model is also PNP for the NA6 & NA8 MX5 Miata. 


Advanced Features

  • Advanced Fuel Film Model 
  • Built in Oscilloscope
  • 32MB internal logging
  • 1x CAN channels 
  • Arbitary logic( user definable tables )
  • Accelerometer/Gryo Meter
  • Extremely fast processor speed
  • Headphone jack for real time knock listening

Below is a reference chart between the old E420D select, and the mid range M2000 ecu.