Turblown Engineering FC3S Twinscroll EWG Turbo Manifold

This unit is now in the casting process. All purchasers if they can wait will receive a 347SS investment cast, tapered runner version. This unit will come with 4 egt/emap bungs, and be identical fitment as the welded model. This unit will have same construction as our cast EWG FD turbo manifold. See it here.




Turblown Engineering has developed the Ultimate FC3S Short Runner EWG Turbo Manifold

This manifold is built with schedule 40 1.5" cast pipe( 0.110" wall) 304SS. This manifold is back-purged, and built stress free. It does not require any additional bracing, and has been proven to last. Turblown has been manufactoring turbo manifolds for 7 years now with Zero Cracked Manifold Reports! 1.5" pipe is the most Optimal Size inner diameter for a 13B 2 rotor, and will handle 400rwhp per tube! This manifold is built with the least amount of bends possible, and does not cheat any radii. Both flanges are also extremely well hand ported, and the I.D. of the flange matches the I.D. of the OEM 13B exhaust sleeve. This manifold design has the Highest Velocity Possible, and therefore the quickest " spool ". Both flanges are also sanded 100% flat, ensuring a proper seal.

This manifold fits both LHD, & RHD steering racks, OEM or Aftermarket Motor Mounts, Strut Tower Bars and Vmount Inter-Cooler Systems. It will accommodate any size down-pipe up to 4".This manifolds is flanged for twin TurboSmart Comp40 gates( Standard), or Tial MVS wastegates. 

The manifold fits most P trim turbocharges with a/r of up to 1.15 or less with either To4E or To4S compressor covers( GT35R, To4Z, To4R, PT58/62/66/67, TDX57/61/62/67). Also fits EFR b1 & b2 T4 EWG(7670,8374,9180). 

Air Pump, Air Pump Bracket, and ACV require removal. 

Dual EGT & EMBP bungs are optional(1/8NPT). Turbosource Inconel Turbine Housing shield is strongly recommended.

Each manifold is test fit on a chassis in house after being made on a " Jig". This item has a 100% money back guarantee( less return freight) This unit has a limited life time warranty for original purchaser.