Vinny Fab Rx7 Vmount Intercooler Kit Group Buy

The Vinny Fab Rx-7 Mount kit is the most comprehensive & highest quality Vmount Kit on the market. These are also designed to be as bolt on as possible with our Cast EWG & IWG Large b2 frame turbo kits. Welding of the compressor cover is required, as this kit includes Plazmaman intercooler/intake couplers( O-ring'd billet construction). 



15 units will be made available in this group buy to bring down the cost of international freight significantly; normally $700+ per kit stateside.   


How does this kit differ from other vmounts?

  • Use of Plazmaman intercooler couplers which are O-ring'd billet units, as compared to inferior silicone clamp connections 
  • Air Separation Tank included 
  • Low Profile New Fans included( as opposed to re-using the OEM fans)
  • Ambient Air Turbo Inlet Duct( as opposed to standard filter just placed on the turbo drawing hot air)
  • Plazmaman 255/450/100mm intercooler core ( 10" x 17.1" x 3.9") 

What all is included in this kit?

  • Plazmaman intercooler
  • Modified Greddy Elbow with Air temp Port( 3/8 NPT- GM style) 
  • Plazmaman couplers
  • Intercooler Piping( no BOV, designed for built in EFR) 
  • 600x300x56 Radiator with fan mounts
  • Low Profile 12 x 12 Fans (2x) 
  • Radiator & intercooler sheet-metal duct work
  • 4" Turbo Inlet Duct( non-pie cut version) & Air Filter
  • Air Separation Tank & new radiator lines/clamps

Requires Battery relocation( components not supplied)

OEM a/c does not fit, will require a completely custom install.