Haltech Nexus R3


Nexus R3 VCU 


• A data logger
• A power distribution module
• A wideband controller
• A high speed wi-fi communications module
• A new generation engine management system


All natively interconnected with each other.
All programmable with one single piece of software.


Ignition 8
Injector (peak and hold) 8
Digital Pulsed Outputs (DPO) 6
Power for Ignition Switch 1
8A Outputs 6
25A High Current Outputs (25A HCO) 4

Analog Voltage Inputs (AVI) 11
Differential Engine Position Inputs 2 (Trigger and Home)
Synchronised Pulsed Inputs (SPI) 6
Knock Inputs 2
On-board Wideband Controller (NTK/LSU 4.9) 1
Ignition Switch Input 1

CAN Bus Networks 1000, 500 or 250 kbit/s 2
High Speed USB 2.0 (USB-C interface) 1
On-board Wi-Fi YES

Onboard Data Logging 128MB
Inertial Measurement Sensor Onboard, 6 Axis
Oscilloscope 4 Channel
5V Sensor Supply 1
8V Sensor Supply 1
Sensor Ground 1

Drive-By-Wire Throttle Support 2
Flex Fuel YES
Closed Loop O2 Control Dual Bank
Knock Control Dual
Variable Cam Control Up to 4
Long Term Learning Up to 4D
Data Logging Laptop + Onboard
Anti-Lag Rotational Idle YES
Launch Control YES
Traction Control YES
Tuning Table Resolution 32 x 32 x 8 4D
Engine Protection Multi Level
CAN Networks 2
Nitrous Control 6 Stages
Boost Control 4D Closed Loop
Intake Air Bleed Control YES
Flat Shift Control Open/Closed Loop
Shock Travel & Ride Height YES
Trans Brake YES
Race Timer YES
Driveshaft and Engine RPM Targetting YES

R3 VS R5

We figured the first, and the most frequently asked question about the new Nexus R3 will be: “How does it compare to the R5?” With that in mind we prepared this comparison table that should provide all the answers.

Nexus R5 Nexus R3
Ignition Outputs 12 8
Injector Ouputs 18 8
Digital Pulsed Outputs 8 6
8A Outputs 12 6
25A Outputs 4 4
Analog Voltage Inputs 23 11
Synchronised Pulsed Inputs 10 6
Knock Inputs 2 2
On-Board Wideband Controller Dual Single
On-Board Data Logging 512mb 128mb