Series 4-5 Rx7 FC3S 600HP Kit



Turblown Engineering has developed this 550 to 650rwhp turbo system package for your 1987-1991 FC3S 13BT Rx7. This setup has been developed from over 18 years experience with turbocharged rotaries. These turbo systems are not only dyno tested, but have years of track testing behind them. 

First and foremost one has to choose whether you want an IWG( internal wastegate) or EWG( external wastegate) turbo system. The iwg system is much quieter as the waste-gate discharges into the downpipe, where as the external wastegate is very loud once full boost pressure is reached. The IWG system is much more reliable in terms of component maintenance, and simpler to install. The IWG also has the best transient response, and the lowest boost threshold. The EWG is better at controlling lower boost pressures, makes more peak RPM power, and ultimately more power in general( bigger turbo selection available with SXE turbos).  If you still need additional help deciding, read more here.

For this particular 600HP package the EFR 9280 IWG is the best choice for those who don't mind NOT be able to run low boost pressures( Generally no less than 12-15 psi with off road full 3" exhaust). Bridge-Port & Semi-pport engines should use EWG. This particular FC IWG kit is a " short " runner welded manifold. 

500rwhp @  19 psi on pump gas with meth injection or E85  3.5" exhaust

550rwhp @ 23 psi on E85 or aux injection with full 3.5" exhaust

600rwhp @ 25+ psi on E85 Bridgeport, 4" exhaust 

600rwhp @ 29 psi on E85 with 4" exhaust ( max power level) 


The EWG version of the cast EFR 9280 turbo systemmakes about 15-25 more RWHP per psi( above 18 psi) than the above IWG, with about 350rpms later spool time. Peak power will make 100 more rwhp @ 34psi range ( 700rwhp range) 

The EWG SXE 9180 ( S366SXE )  does the same as the EWG EFR 9180, but with an added 600rpms of lag. Keep in mind the SXE does not have a built in bov or boost control solenoid as the above EFR models( both IWG & EWG)