Series 6-8 Rx7 FD3S 800HP Kit



Turblown Engineering has developed this 700 to 850rwhp turbo system package for your 93-2002 FD3S Rx7. This setup has been developed from over 18 years experience with turbocharged rotaries. These turbo systems are not only dyno tested, but have years of track testing behind them. 

This turbo system is available in EWG( external wastegate) and S300SXE only. There are only three turbo choices that will support this power properly;

EFR 9280 T4 1.05

S369 SXE T4 1.0 ( oil cooled only )

 S372 SXE T4 1.0 ( new release from BorgWarner for 2018 ) ( oil cooled only ) 

This turbo system requires a full 4" exhaust, and a lower intake manifold that supports 6 fuel injectors.

This turbo system is designed for race ports; half & full bridge-ports, or semi-pport engines.