Rx8 400HP Turbo Kit



Turblown Engineering has developed this 350 to 450+whp turbo system package for your 2004-2011 Mazda Rx8. This setup has been developed from over 18 years experience with turbocharged rotaries


For this particular HP package the EFR 8374 IWG is the best choice with the fastest boost response. It generally makes the following power levels;


350rwhp @ 14 psi on pump gas 


400rwhp @ 17 psi on E85

450rwhp+ @ 20 psi on E85


The 8374 EFR IWG turbocharger incorporates a built in bov, wastegate, and boost control solenoid which makes a very clean, efficient and reliable install.


You can view the turbo system here


Read more about the IWG turbo systems in this blog post


 This turbo system is not designed to be used with the OEM returnless fuel system. The OEM fuel pump hanger cannot fit bigger than 320LPH fuel pump, and combined with a non adjustable base fuel pressure of 60PSI, it just does not work properly. Furthermore if one wants more than 350rwhp reliably the one way to do it on a Rx8 engine is with E85. Above 400rwhp requires twin fuel pumps. 

This turbo system requires a clutch, and ignition upgrade as well. It does work with the factory drivetrain, as long as one is not drag racing( drag launches, and will hop with adequate traction is what makes the Rx8 drivetrain break) .  

This system requires an engine that is in good working condition, preferably a fresh rebuild. Porting or any other engine mods are not required.