Heat Management


A few facts to consider when modifying internal combustion engines are:

  • Horsepower & Torque at their most fundamental origins are measurements of heat and pressure. As power levels increase, so does it's inherent by-product; heat. 
  • As intensity and frequency of exposure to exhaust system components increase, the failure rate of critical engine components also rises considerably. Hoses, wiring harnesses, and brake lines just to mention a few will disintegrate if heat management is not taken into consideration.


We at TurboSource hold Heat Management in very high regard. 700 series Inconel is used in the manufacturing of these heat shields not just to outlast their application, but to provide greatest thermal barrier possible. These shields are good to 3000 degree F, and are also manufactured with a pre-engineered air gap to keep from over saturating the application. Inconel when heated produces a natural oxidation barrier, which regular sheet metal shields, turbo blankets, heat wrap, and coatings lack. This oxidation barrier combined with a clam-shell design of an inner layer of silica insulation produces the ultimate in heat management!