Turblown Engineering FC Rx-7 EWP System - Full Kit

Turblown Engineering's Electric Water Pump( EWP ) kit is a complete bolt on system designed to eliminate the OEM belt driven water pump. Traditionally an electric water pump upgrade yields between 1 to 2 percent more rwhp by reducing parasitic drag on the engine. The OEM belt driven pump requires power to drive it; removing this " frees" up more hp. More importantly an EWP upgrade upgrades the reliability of your cooling system:
  1. No more cavitation like the OEM water pump
  2. No more belt slippage when removing the air pump which is commonly found when not using an idler pulley( even if you have larger diameter alternator and water pump pulleys- the belt will still slip, or even worst you have it torque so tight it will wear out the front main bearing, and alternator bearings)
  3. Ability to control pump flow based on coolant temperature
  4. LCD PWM controller allows cockpit access to coolant temperature and Alarms
  5. Post shut down, engine off coolant control- eliminating heat soak of engine and turbocharger

This kit uses the OEM FC3S Series4 water pump housing & OEM thermostat( not included). This does not require an alternator relocation bracket, or loss of either the a/c or p/s. It also retains all the OEM water connections( throttle body coolant, turbo cooling lines, heater core lines, radiator hose positions). This system can be used on the track, and only differs in ease of installation, cost, and loss of oem functions. The supplied belt on the full kit does require removal of the airpump. Airpump removal not required if using a different length belt. 

If you have an Series 5 Rx7 you will need to swap to a Series4 n/a or T2 waterpump housing and thermostat neck in order to use this kit. If you have a 20B engine you will need to bolt on a FC waterpump housing and thermostat neck. 

Both Full kits include the Davies Craig EWP 150 Alloy pump, LCD controller kit( pump, LCD controller, clamps, wiring, etc), new alternator belt. 

This kit requires welding shut of the OEM bypass plug( in the waterpump housing). That is the smaller hole that is under the thermostat, about 1/2" in diameter. This must be plugged! 

EWP 150 Only( No LCD controller) Option is for those who want to control the PUMP via a standalone ECU like the Adaptronic with PWM configurable outputs. How to Setup :EWP install with Adaptronic ECU

The TurboSmart Time Attack Rx-7 has been running a Davies Craig EWP & Controller for over 5 years at no less than 500rwhp. The pump and controller are a proven system. 


This kit includes the EWP pump, LCD controller( and pre wired sub harnesses that require minimal connections), Black S4 FC block off plate, new 5 rib belt( designed for an FD alternator). 

This kit does require an upgraded alternator of at least 100 amps( like the FD unit).