Turblown Entry Level FD Single Turbo Kit

These are on back order for 4 more weeks. 
Due to constant back orders with S200SXE turbine housings from Borgwarner, we have updated this kit to use only our TDX57, or TDX61 turbocharger( both with To4E compressor covers). 
Choose to the TDX57( 58mm compressor wheel) for applications up to 400rwhp, and TDX61( 62mm compressor wheel) for applications between 4 to 450rwhp. Available with or without water cooling bearing option. These are available in .96 T4 turbine housings only. 
This entry level kit is designed for those looking for a proper turbo system on a budget. This kit should put an end to those looking at ebay based single turbo kits, that almost always fail in the end, and/or overboost from improper wastegate location. 

This turbo system uses our 347SS investment cast "shorty" manifold that was originally designed for the EFR IWG turbochargers. This manifold includes a lifetime warranty, and we have yet to see a single failure of any type. The manifold features 2x 1/8 NPT ports for either EGT, or emap sensors. Plugs included. 

 This kit includes a TurboSmart Gen V water cooled 50mm wastegate welded directly to the turbine housing. This orientation provides very good boost control, as the wastegate is in the direction of flow, and the 50mm is the correct size for holding acceptable boost pressures( 7-10 psi depending upon turbo, large peripherial port engines on alcohol based fuels usually see 15 psi base with this configuration on the larger turbos).  Water cooling is only necessary for track driven cars.


3" 304SS vband downpipe with a single o2 bung is included. Downpipe can be configured based on the drop down. There is no bolt in option for the FC chassis; 3" vband rear only. FD chassis uses a bolt in downpipe( 3" 2 bolt rear flange, for oem style midpipe).  No air filter is included in this kit. 


Oil feed and return lines included. ( oil & water included, if selecting water cooled bearing option). Water cooling recommended for any type of endurace racing( autoX, road-course, etc)

Open dump wastegate tube also included for 50mm waste-gate.