Inconel Turbo Stud Hardware


  Designed specifically for high performance turbocharged applications, this high quality A286 stud is heat treated, solution annealed and precipitation hardened. The nut is silver plated A4-70 grade, allowing it to be used without anti-seize (keeps long-term service removal possible)


Stud torque spec: 38 Nm +/- 3 Nm

Nut torque spec: Low Limit: 60 Nm / Upper Limit: 130 Nm (95 ft/lbs) after snug tighten to 30 Nm (in sequence)


By using 1.5 (standard pitch) on the manifold side and 1.25 (fine pitch) on the turbo side, the standard pitch thread will stay put in the manifold while the fine pitch 1.25 inconel nut will be easy to remove without dislodging/unthreading the stud from the flange. This works perfectly with your existing turbo manifolds which typically use 3/8-16 hardware (the old industry standard) – all you need to do is run a 10mm x 1.5 tap through the old 3/8-16 threads to chase them and it works perfectly.


Application Notes:

  • 4 studs/nuts included in each set.
  • 4 matched Heico-Lock anti vibration washers included
  • M10 thread pitch