Electronic IWG BorgWarner EFR actuator upgrade

These are now on back order. 

We are currently running a promo; if you purchase a Haltech Nexus + EFR IWG turbo system, you will receive this E-IWG upgrade free of charge! Use Promo Code Nexus IWG at checkout. 


Electronic actuator upgrade kit for all of our IWG EFR Turbo systems. Requires a native electronic actuator controller( Built into Haltech Nexus ECU, Elite 1500/2500, or any other ECU that has a H bridge control( DBW/DC motor etc).

If one does not have an ECU with this support the separate external controller( select from drop down menu) is required. One will also need 1 available PMW output to drive this separate controller( you will use your built in boost control software). 

Actuator kit includes 1 MHI / Melco Actuator, modified adjustable linkage, mounting bracket, wiring pigtail, and all necessary installation hardware. 

This system allows for precision boost control, and is the ultimate for the widest range of control. No more spring changes, or boost fade with high rpm/high boost, while trying to maintain lower pressure( for those doing multiple settings or boost by Gear). 

If one is using a Haltech ELITE ECU, you can also use the DC motor driver to control this upgrade too. Haltech elite 750 does not have a built in DBW output, so you will need this DC motor driver. If one is already using their built in DBW output on the 1500/2500 models for a DBW throttle body, then you can also just add this haltech DCMD controller. One does needs to trick MAX temperature input that is built into the TurboSmart E gate models when using Haltech's Egate control software. The MHI electronic actuator in this kit does not have a built in temperature sensor. A simple resistor or dummy temp sensor will need to be wired to the haltech.