F(v)-Type B1 Frame 0.85 A/R V-Band Inlet IWG Turbine Housing Shield


TurboSource Inconel Turbine Housing Heat-shields are simply the best solution for containing turbocharger heat reliably.

Utilizing a combination of Inconel Alloy & silica based insulation, our shields incorporate an additional insulating air gap between the housing and shield producing an extremely efficient thermal barrier. The enhanced design of these shields promotes natural thermal expansion & prevents damaging post shut down heat shock. These unique features boost turbo Heat Management to a new level of design and technology which consequently yield common 'turbo blankets' & ceramic coatings obsolete.

Control over exhaust thermal energy results in measurable increases in power, spool time, & reliability of surrounding components. TurboSource Inconel Heatshields are the final solution to controlling your under-hood temperatures.

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