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Our cast UIM( oem FD TB model) samples are now here, and being checked for any last minute changes before the full production run starts. Lower intake manifolds are still in dyno testing pre production phase. Delivery Date to be announced shortly for production run of 200 OEM FD throttle body UIM models. 

 Cast aluminum upper & lower intake manifolds sets coming soon for both 13BREW FD & S4/S5 13BT FC. Both side-ported & semi-pport models( 1 inch I.D.) coming soon.FC LIM is port matched to S4 engine( can be ported out to match or exceed S5 ). FD LIM can be port matched for 13BRE engines. 

One can purchase the UIM, and bolt to the OEM 13BREW LIM or aftermarket variant that uses OEM LIM/UIM flange. 13BRE engine will  require both upper and lower manifold combo and porting of LIM to match 13BRE ports. FC users will require an FD UIM adapter for UIM only( bolting this UIM to OEM FC lower).

Key features:

  • Dyno proven models featuring many variations to achieve best all around performance( not just top end RPM ).  This unit is guaranteed to make more HP over the OEM. 
  • 6 injector LIM ( 8 total when oem primaries used )
  • All oem emissions removed( for off road use only**) FC water passage removed.
  • Oem s6 FD idle air control motor retained for all oem throttle body models both FC & FD.( DBW models will not have this casting) 
  • LIM flanges o-ringed( engine to LIM, and LIM to UIM). UIM only will not be O-ringed. 
  • Pre drilled for GM style air temp sensor ( 3/8" NPT)
  • Water/alcohol meth jet bung pre machined 1/8 NPT (1x), 2x vacuum/boost ports
  • Continental Flex fuel sensor direct mount, or can be used for additional bracket mounting points for a FPR
  • Properly clears all of our corresponding Cast FC & FD Turbo System

This might require new intercooler hot side piping possibly, as throttle body position is ever so slightly moved from OEM FD position to better accommodate even airflow distribution when purchased with our LIM. The UIM only is a drop in model.  Most IC piping has enough movement to accomate no changes.  FC is moved higher and does not allow a top mount IC; FC will require IC piping change and a new oil filler neck assembly( including replacing the press in steel unit lower section with an FD unit). FC will require new TPS wiring. 

S4 FC cars using OEM OMP will require linkage modifications, S5 do not.  OEM turbo coolant feed port is  removed from FC LIM; no coolant will be flowing through LIM like stock. Coolant feed will have to be pulled from rear iron or water pump housing. 

LIM will NOT work with off the shelf fuel rails, as we have changed the injector positions for optimum spray pattern position.  Fuel rail & LIM will come with plugs for those wanting to run less than 6 injectors. Fuel rail is for 14MM upper and lower o rings only. No press in sleeves required. 

UIM only purchase will bolt to OEM FD lower, or FD Excessive LIM.  FC UIM only requires S6 adapter plate( not supplied ).