Turblown Cast Rotary Upper Intake Manifold


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Turblown Cast Aluminum Upper Intake Manifold is designed for modified turbo rotary engines looking to maximize their power gains. Vehicles above the 400rwhp, especially those with larger ports gain noticeable power increases averaging around 5-10+%. 

This is a direct bolt in unit, that will bolt to the OEM 13BREW lower intake manifold, or any after market LIM using the OEM FD3S flange. FC3S engines require an adapter, and FD3S throttle body( not supplied). 

Key features:

  • Dyno & track proven models featuring many variations to achieve best all around performance( not just top end RPM ) with no loss in throttle response.  This unit is guaranteed to make more HP over the OEM. 
  • All oem emissions removed( for off road use only**) 
  • Oem s6 FD idle air control motor retained
  • Pre drilled for GM style air temp sensor ( 3/8" NPT)
  • Water/alcohol meth jet bung pre machined 1/8 NPT (1x), 4x vacuum/boost ports
  • supplied with stud/nut hardware, npt port plugs, and npt to barb fittings for vacuum/brake booster connections