TurboSource 2.0L ND MX5 Mazda Miata Turbo Kit

Our 2016+ 2.0(2L) MX-5 Miata Turbo System is the fastest responding, most powerful, and most well thought out turbo system on the market for both street and track driven Miatas. Don't just take our word for it, view the dyno sheets, datalogs and pictures that prove this. We have put more R&D into our system than every other manufacturer, combined.

We now have 12 customers past 300rwhp/300rwtq with our ND turbo systems at 12 to 15psi. Both are on pump 93 octane, but one has methanol injection. Both with upgraded clutches, and OEM fuel systems/engines/transmissions. 


The highest reported customer made power is now 368.8 RWHP/373RWTQ @ 15 psi!( after market transmission required) See Photos. 


The turbo in our 2016 ND shop vehicle is a BorgWarner EFR IWG Vband 6758 with the optional aluminum bearing housing. Users can select between varying levels of Vband IWG aluminum CHRA turbochargers of the B1 EFR frame( 625867587163). The EFR 6258 is the best choice for most users, and has the lowest boost threshold of every forced induction system available( see datalog in the photos). It can support more power than the OEM fuel system can support. 

This turbo system is a complete bolt on kit with minimal permanent modifications to the car( undertray & OEM air filter box must be modified). This turbo system is designed for the stock fuel system, & engine. No other modifications besides an ECU tune, and re-gapping of the OEM spark plugs are necessary to install and use this turbo system. This kit works with the OEM oil pan. No welding or out of the normal tools required for installation. We have found boost pressures above 5 psi require our larger crankcase vent system, which is available in the drop down menu. Boost pressures above 7 psi require the optional larger map sensor, one should use the map sensor upgrade regardless of boost pressure when using the ECUTEK racerom software. From our testing of every available software system, this is the best choice by far.

We have currently tuned this system on both 3, 5 ,7, 10 13, and 14.5 psi settings with over 5000 hard street miles and 6 track events( 3 AutoX, 2 Roadcourse, and 1 Drag) on our shop car. We have recently checked engine compression to verify there are zero hidden issues. 

Pump Gas 91 Octane Results;

230rwhp @ 3.5 psi

285rwhp @ 10 psi

300rwhp @ 13 psi

Pump gas with methanol injection results and exhaust cam;


375BHP @ 17 psi ( current world record). 

This turbo system does not include an ECU system or base map. You will have to speak with a tuner, either for on site or remote tuning, such as Fab9 Tuning. Actual tuning is required for this level of power. 

Turbo selection varies with the following rough max RWHP horsepower targets;
EFR 6258 375rwhp
EFR 6758 450rwhp
EFR 7163 525rwhp

Our Inconel heat shield packages should be considered for serious track cars. 

The Turbosmart BOV upgrades should be considered for high boost applications, or those looking for long term reliability( billet construction vs OEM BW plastic), or those looking for more " sound" - dual port unit. 

The Turbosmart IWG dual port actuator upgrades are necessary for those looking to run multiple levels of boost control that include a very low, and very high boost setting with a boost controller. Futher more these units work a lot better at holding high boost pressures in the higher rpms vs the OE BW supplied medium actuator. The OE supplied medium actuator will not hold low boost( less than 6-8* psi depending upon exhaust configuration). We recommend starting off with the 3 or 5 PSI spring Turbosmart units for most people. 

This turbo system has been updated to fit the OEM battery, and no longer uses the oem air box. 

RHD & LHD compatible. i-ELOOP equipped cars require re-positioning of box.

Lifetime warranty against cracking on turbo manifold & down-pipe for original purchaser.