TurboSource Turbo Velocity Stack


These are in stock. 


These dyno tested velocity stack add 5%+ more power, and bolts on in under a few minutes with basic hand tools. These units are designed to work with or without an air filter, and are CNC machined from 6061 aluminum. These units fit all of the popular 3.5" or 4" turbochargers such a BorgWarner EFR, SXE, or Garrett G series. These come hard anodized in black.

Product includes 3.5" or 4" turbo inlet velocity stack, clamp and hardware. Air filter optional. 

 All models are designed for use with a 6" air filter such as the K&N RU-1009

3.5" models( B2 frame EFR 7670, S200SX/SXE/SXR etc) coming soon. 

4" models( B2 frame EFR 8374, 8474, 9174, 9274, 9180, 9280, Garrett G35, G40, Compact G42) Does not properly fit Garrett GBC turbos. 

This unit will clear the Turbosmart Plumback BOV upgrade, but the Dual port will require some trimming. This unit will also not clear one of our cast EFR IWG Rx7 turbo systems on an FD with an idler pulley kit. We are currently working on a seperate model to address these( 4 weeks out)