3" Cast IWG Downpipe with E-Cutout


This product promo price is only for those who are adding this to a new purchase of a cast EFR IWG turbo system. 

For those looking for the ulimate level of power, without the consistant noise attraction, or cost of adding a full 3.5" exhaust or bigger with a flex fuel setup; we are now offering a nice upgrade. This bolt in 3" 304SS downpipe upgrade comes with the TurboSmart Straight Gate 50mm wastegate, as an penumatic exhaust cutout. This unit opens above 20 psi( configurable between 6 - 24 psi with supplied springs) to increase the exhaust flow drastically, which can result in over a 50+rwhp  gain above 20 psi with a full 3" exhaust( depending upon the size of the turbo, and the engine port work). This will however increase your base boost pressure substantially once open if you intend to have it open below 20 psi. 

This system allows one to use a cataylatic converter, or quite muffled exhaust system when running pump gas under 15 psi with an IWG EFR turbo system, and then a full " kill" mode when E85 is used. Most flex fuel based ecus allow pre programmed boost control vs E85 content, so the ECU automatically raised boost as the ethanol content increases. Once above 20 psi a full 3" exhaust on a larger B2 frame EFR will limit power above the 6500RPM range, especially on a larger port work that requires lower EMAP. This system allows you to have the best of both worlds, and will autmoatically open( with or without any ECU control ). 

This unit is designed for off road use only. 

This comes with 3" 304SS back purged downpipe with flex section, turbosmart 50mm straight gate, and open dump tube. Bolt in to OEM location 3" midpipes, and our cast EFR IWG turbo systems. This unit ideal for 8374 or larger frame EFR turbos, no HP gains on 7670 models.