This is a direct bolt on intercooler kit with our Cast EFR IWG FD3S turbo systems. 


CC Front Mount Intercooler Kit RX7 FD3S AKA The “L” Mount

The Core Components Front Mount Intercooler Kit is designed to support single turbo setups. Our Front Mount kit, or L-Mount as we like to call it, utilizes a larger core than typically found in most V-mount or engine bay located intercooler setups. This is a no compromise setup for big power with managed airflow.
Our SHEP-Design (Simultaneous Heat Exchanger Priority – Design) airflow strategy prioritizes BOTH the intercooler AND the radiator simultaneously. There is no dirty air passing through either heat exchanger. This can’t be said for any other FD3S intercooler kit on the market.

The biggest issue with any V-mount or engine bay intercooler is hot air feeding from one heat exchanger to the other otherwise known as “dirty air” In addition the spent hot air from the radiator and intercooler are typically being directly ingested by the air intake into the turbocharger. This promotes much higher intake temperatures, raising the propensity of an engine to have a knock event. This heated intake air also leaves power on the table! Dollar for dollar the Core Components Front Mount Intercooler Kit for the RX7 FD3S will yield higher power levels at a given boost pressure due to it’s air managed design and prioritized airflow strategy.

NO detail has be left to chance! Starting from the nose we have the intercooler front and center receiving the lions share of cold air across the intercooler core so the turbo can do its job more efficiently. The radiator is laying almost face down at a ~15 degree angle creating the L shape. FD-RX7’s are known for their predisposition to overheating, not with this kit!

Testing has show this configuration to work effectively in both street and track applications. In fact this setup has been refined over a 20 year period. Initially the radiator was actually laying completely flat with excellent temperature control both on and off track and subjected to temps in excess of 100* ambient!
To accomplish this feat, we have designed a custom air inlet ductwork for the radiator. This duct is optimized with air diverter fins. Our Air Flow Diverter Technology helps direct air into the heat exchanger for maximum efficiency. Air entering the nose has nowhere to go but through the radiator. This kit allows you to utilize your factory fans, or upgrade to modern units.

The cold air intake box is designed to separate the air filter from the heated engine bay air. The cold outside air is supplied via a channel created between the radiator and the frame rail. This allows us to start off with a colder charge temperature before the turbo compresses the air. This in turn maximizes the efficiency of the intercooler due to the fact it will be starting the “charge air process” with colder air. The Core Components Front Mount Intercooler Kit for the RX7 FD3S is maximized for efficiency every step of the way!

Our front mount kit costs more than other kits, or does it?
We wanted to offer a kit that makes no compromises. To accomplish this feat we needed to include integral parts to make this happen. We needed to offer a kit that requires custom swaybar mounts. This allows us to utilize the radiator mount tabs included with your kit. We didn’t just want a reproduction of the original mount. The included mounts are stronger and incorporate locking pinch weld plates for torsional stability.
The air intake box is included. Most kits don’t offer an air intake solution. Not only do we offer it, its integral to our design and included with every kit!

Our intercooler piping is as straight as possible for better air flow. We designed our intercooler piping to have the least bends of any kit available. In addition, every bend is wide sweeping radius to ensure proper flow. We could have utilized a tight radius elbow coming off of the turbo outlet to conserve space, however this is a no compromise kit! To that end, we also supply a cast elbow to mount to your throttle body!
We also include a fuse box relocation mount to move your fuse box, wire harness, and diagnostic connector out of the way to ensure a proper fit for your straight intercooler pipes! Not to mention, the L mount Kit makes your engine bay look clean & unique!
Our kits are comprehensive, offering you the most for your dollar. If you were to piece together everything included from other manufacturers, the cost would be more than what you pay for this all inclusive kit. In addition, some parts we offer do not currently exist in the market place.

Lastly, we do give you the ability to customize your kit al-cart to meet you specific needs.

Already have a Koyo radiator?
No problem this kit will work with that.

Want more reliability?
No problem, order your kit with HD clamps!

Not sure what to do with your factory power steering loop?
Core Components has your back, add our exclusive power steering cooler!


SHEP-Design: Simultaneous Heat Exchanger Priority – Design

    • Intercooler and Radiator Both Get Fresh Managed Air

Custom Undertray & Ductwork with Air Flow Diverter Technology

    • Radiator heat exchanger is optimized with air diverter fins

Isolated Heat Rejecting Cold Air Intake
True managed cold air isolated from heat exchangers
Custom sway bar / radiator mounts with frame locking pinch plates
Powder coated swaybar mounts
Throttle Body Compression Elbow included
Intercooler pipes with minimal bends
TIG welded 6061 intercooler pipes
Made in the USA

This kit is available as the base kit or with options…

Base Kit
What’s in the Box:
(1) CC Custom Large Front Mount Intercooler
(1) CC Custom Undertray & Ductwork with Air Flow Diverter Technology
(1) CC Isolated Heat Rejecting Cold Air Intake
(1) CC Cast Compression Throttle body Elbow
(2) CC Intercooler Pipes Driver / Passenger side
(2) CC Custom sway bar / radiator mounts with frame locking pinch plates.
(1) CC Fuse Box Relocation Bracket
(2) CC Radiator front and rear mounts
(1) CC Lower Radiator hose (includes aluminum joiner and hose clamps)
(1) CC Upper Radiator hose extension (includes aluminum joiner and hose clamps)
(3) CC Silicone couplers (for intercooler pipes)
(1) CC Silicone transition 2” – 3” (for turbo connection)
(8) T-Bolt clamps
(1) Hardware pack: nuts, bolts grommets
(1) 3.5” x 6” aluminum tube for air filter
(1) 3.5” Silicone coupler
(2) hose clamps for air filter


Option descriptions:
Koyo Radiator:
If you do not currently have a Koyo radiator you may add this option from the drop down list. The ductwork is designed around this radiator. Conversely if you own a Koyo radiator no purchase is necessary!

HD Clamps:
HD clamps are an upgrade option that is highly recommended. HD clamps offer tool-less removal of your intercooler pipes. In addition, HD clamps are engineered to withstand pressures in excess of 200psi. Never blow off a silicone coupler again*!
*Turbo outlet still utilizes a silicone coupler

PS Cooler:
The Core Components Power Steering Cooler Kit is designed to eliminate the cumbersome factory power steering loop in custom radiator and intercooler setups. In addition, as the FD3S RX7 ages the factory steering loops are prone to corrosion and leaks. Our inline extruded aluminum heat exchanger provides a robust solution for years to come. The Core Components Power Steering Cooler Kit elegantly reduces the footprint of the power steering cooling system allowing for unobstructed airflow to your custom radiator and intercooler setups.

Air Separator Tank (AST):
100% direct bolt-on. Turns your water-neck into an Air Separator Tank to eliminate the need for a separate AST. Works w/ the factory metric thread water level sensor, overflow tank, large & the small radiator hoses & factory AST cap. Compact design allows added clearance for larger turbochargers & optimal turbo placement. Works with large water pump underdrive & idler pulleys. Durable, lightweight, & built to last.

Compatibility Notes:

  • EFR Turbo Compatible
  • Bolt on with IWG or EWG manifold single turbo setups from TurboSource
  • A/C Compatible add-on kit coming soon


INSTALLATION NOTE: Requires removal of front cross beam, bumper, and bumper support

Lead Time:

Built-to-order typically ships within 10 days of your payment.

Part Number: CC-RX7-FD3S-FMIC-KIT
Made in the USA