Garrett G-Series G40-900 62mm T4 1.06 Turbocharger


T4 1.06 EWG( external wastegate) 62mm Ball Bearing Garrett Turbocharger perfect for 500 to 600rwhp 2 rotor Rx7 engine. 


 G Series compressor aero increases flow up to 32% (compared to GTX4088R)
• 62mm inducer, 88mm exducer compressor wheel, 77mm turbine inducer, 70mm exducer

• Dual ceramic ball bearing with steel cages
• G Series turbine aero increases flow 16% (compared to GTX4088R)
• Inconel turbine wheel with 77mm inducer flows up to 43 lbs/min
• Lightweight aluminum backplate
• Fully machined speed sensor and pressure ports
• Water fittings included with super core
• Stainless steel turbine housings available with V-Band and T4 twin scroll inlet
• T4 turbine housing outlet V-Band dimension (117.4mm | 4.622” OD) is equal to existing GTX42, GTX45 and G42 models

860777-5003S standard rotation mated to a T4 1.06 757707-0034 turbine housing