Turblown Cast EWG Garrett Turbo Kit


Use the drop down menus to spec out and customize a Garrett Motion G series ball bearing & new journal bearing GBC turbochargers for your Mazda Rx-7. These turbo systems fit both RHD & LHD Rx7s, and are completely " bolt in" with no special tools needed. Please be aware supporting modifications such as intercooler, fuel injectors, ecu etc are necessary and not included. Full consultation is available. 

FC downpipes are all vband rear( 3" for G35, 3.5" for G40/42). FD downpipes are 3" 2 bolt( for OEM style flange) for G35, and 3.5" vband rear for G40/42. Vband rear downpipes are not bolt in, and require a custom midpipe. GBC turbos are all 3" downpipes( same above oritentation as G series).

GBC turbochargers are oil cooled only, while G series turbochargers are both water and oil cooled.