Turblown Rx8 Front Mount Intercooler Kit

The Turblown FMIC( front mount intercooler) kit is the same one used in our Rx-8 turbo system. This can be used for any forced induction swap, such as an REW swap also. This kit requires the bumper support to be removed( not the bumper skin). It has adequate room to allow a ambient air intake also( above the intercooler up to 3.5"). 

The kit comes with a 3.5 x 23 x 8 inch bar and plate intercooler with 2.5" inlet/outlets. This intercooler flows enough to support 500rwhp easily. Intercooler comes with necessary brackets/bolts, and 90 degree silicone elbows clamps to make the intercooler plumbing easy work. 

This intercooler is placed in a fashion where it doesn't block all of the airflow to the radiator, which is critical to avoid overheating. An upgraded radiator should still be used in conjunction with this kit. 

The Piping kit includes 2.5" aluminum 6061 mandrel bent intercooler piping with beads rolled into the ends. Also includes black silicone couplers, and T bolt clamps. Mates to factory Rx8 throttle body, and a top mount turbo system. Hot side piping requires an existing hole in the sheet-metal to be enlarged, cold side pipe requires no modifications. Intercooler piping includes MAF flange(designed for a standalone ecu, like Adaptronic S1 modular for air temp charge ECU input).