Turblown Engineering REW Swapped Top Mount Turbo Manifold IWG

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Turblown T4 Twinscroll 13BREW Swapped Rx-8 Turbo Manifold for your 2004-2011 LHD & RHD Rx8s. 

Available for both internal and dual external wastegate configurations. Standard configuration is dual TurboSmart Comp40 Wastegates. The IWG version is designed for the BorgWarner EFR IWG turbochargers; 7670,8374, 9174 or 9180.

The dual external wastegate version fits all standard T4 turbochargers up to BorgWarner S475, or Garrett GT42R. 
This includes common turbochargers such a Garrett GT35R, GT40R, GT42R, PTE 6262, 6265, 6266, 6665, 6667, Turblown TDX57/61/62/67, and BW EFR 7670, 8374, 9180, BW Airwerks/SXE S360/S363/S366/S475/S480 etc. 

Allows fitment of up to 4" downpipes in either configuration on LHD cars.

Also available in Tial GT42 Vband and T3 divided configurations. 

Does require custom thermostat discharge for REW thermostat housing. Airpump removal required. Heater core discharge on REW waterpump housing requires removal and installation of 90 degree fitting. Same should be done, but not required for lower coolant bung. 
Fits all known intake manifolds that will fit Rx-8 Chassis. 

Also fits Rx-8 13B-MSP engines with GSL-SE rotor housings, or custom peripheral exhaust ports. Requires different engine flange, please select from dropdown. 13B-MSP engines require cutting of OEM engine bracket. 13B-MSP engine flange does block off sideports. 13B-MSP does require OMP removal for RHD and premix. LHD can use OMP, heat shielding suggested. 13M-MSP requires hardlined upper and lower radiator hoses.