Turblown Cast Rx8 Upper Intake Manifold

We are currently dyno testing V2 of this product( raised airhorn/larger plenum model)

This investment cast aluminum intake manifold is designed to work with the OEM factory Rx8 lower intake manifold, throttle body, and existing intake filter systems. A separate oil filler neck will be required and is not included (a cast "race"  baffled unit with 10AN ports is in the works, no vacuum chambers). 

This unit is designed for both non-turbo, and turbocharged model 13B-MSP Rx8s. This is not just a " show only" unit that has cleaned up castings. We are looking to make more power with this unit,

This unit also features out of sight 1/8" & 3/8" NPT ports are added for additional dedicated vacuum/boost reference ports on the underside. Twin angled 1/8" NPT nitrous or water methanol bungs are cast into the UIM main runner ports on the top.  This unit will be stronger than the OEM plastic intake manifold for very high boost applications, and or nitrous applications( 3mm 6061 aluminum, plus external reinforcement ribbing) 

If using the OEM lower intake valves(which is ideal), one will need to remove the OEM vacuum chamber from the OEM oil filler neck, and connect to the UIM via one of the vacuum ports.