Low Mount REW Rx-8 Swap Turbo System

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The Turblown Low Mount REW turbo system is based off the entry level FD3S Turbo system, but for use with either a Turblown TDX57, or TDX61 turbocharger. Both turbochargers feature a much smaller To4E compressor cover to fit in the tight frame space on the Rx8 chassis. The TDX57 produces a maximum of 475rwhp, and the TDX61 525rwhp. The turbocharges are Garrett based turbos, with higher flowing proven billet compressor wheels. A 50mm turbosmart GenV pro-gate wastegate is welded directly to the turbine housing for space restriction, and proper boost control. Turbo manifold is the Investment Cast Shorty. By default the kit comes with an atmospheric dumped discharge, but can be rerouted into the 3" bolt in downpipe( bolts to an OEM placed 3 bolt Rx8 midpipe). Both the journal or optional ball bearing CHRA are water cooled, and all lines are provided in the kit( both feed & return, water & oil). This kit does allow the OMP to stay in place, and works with both the Excessive LIM, and OEM S6, or S8 LIM. Cosmo RE compatible also. All mounting hardware included; inconel studs/nuts, stamped T4 gasket, downpipe vband clamp. If you intend to use a 13BMSP front cover, then you will have to make your own thermostat housing.