Turblown Engineering FC3S EWG SX-E Turbo Kit


 These are in stock and now update with SX-R models( new for 2024 from Borgwarner)

The Turblown Rx7 SX-E Turbo System is designed to deliver the most usable peak power, and widest possible power band for any street or track driven RX-7 using the latest SXE borgwarner turbocharger. 
Every piece of this kit is 100% built in the USA and is constructed with the highest quality materials & components. To ensure proper fitment, every kit is mocked up on an actual RX-7 engine and chassis before delivery.
At the heart of the system is a your choice of an S200SXE-R or S300SXE/R turbocharger. S200SXR supports up to 400rwhp easily, with the fastest response of the SXE/R turbochargers. The S362SXE supports 450rwhp @ 17 psi, and up to 550rwhp @ 27 psi. S366SXE models support 500rwhp @ 18 psi, and 670rwhp @ 30 psi. S368SX-R models support 750rwhp. 

This turbo system does require supporting modifications such as an aftermarket ECU, intercooler, clutch, fuel, & ignition upgrades to reach it's full potential. 
Turblown Engineering offers a Lifetime warranty for original purchaser of the turbo manifold and downpipe, and the turbo also includes BorgWarner's One Year limited warranty.
This turbo system fits both left and right hand drive Rx-7s. 
All units allow fitment of A/C hardlines, and most V-mount intercooler kits. 

 FC downpipes are left with a vband, and you will have to mate to your existing midpipe. If higher power levels(S366SXE+), and ultimate boost response are desired choose the 3.5" Vband downpipe termination- for use with a custom 3.5" exhaust.