Turblown Engineering Top Mount Rx-8 Turbo Manifold

Turblown Top Mount Turblown Manifold for your 2003-2011 Mazda Rx-8. This T4 3 into 1 Tubular Turbo Manifold Out Performs Log Style Turbo Manifolds not just in Peak Power, but Power Under the Curve, and Boost Response. Back to back dyno testing has shown a 1700RPM Difference in Boost Threshold, and a 40rwhp difference between a log manifold and the Turblown Rx-8 Turbo Manifold( @ 15psi, near 400rwhp). 

The turbo manifold is constructed of Schedule 10 1.5" Cast Pipe( .110" wall). This is the Proper Size for an Rx-8 turbo manifold, as any larger, as found on competitor's turbo manifolds, will only increase lag considerably while adding no additional power. The turbo manifold and down-pipe have a Lifetime Warranty against cracks; if unmodified. The Engine Flange is 1/2" mild steel, and sanded Perfectly Flat before completion. All flange transition are Ported to Perfection. The turbo manifold comes with two different waste-gate orientations; external or internal(EFR IWG/etc). The external is setup for a TurboSmart Comp40 Wastegate , that is generally dumped to atmosphere under the turbo manifold. This turbo manifold requires the deletion of the factory oil metering pump. A sohn adapter cannot be used either. You must Premix. You cannot have a 1700 degree turbo manifold next to the Oil Metering Pump, as it will Burn Up as seen multiple times on competitors turbo systems. There is Nothing Wrong With Premixing an Rx-8 engine, and It Is Actually Better for the engine in the long run. The turbo manifold also requires trimming of the OEM passenger side motor mount bracket, and modifications to your radiator hoses/thermostat assembly as seen in our full kit. You cannot have a 1700 degree turbo manifold next to your rubber radiator hoses as seen on competitors turbo manifolds.